Great MediCare II



Great MediCare 2 protects you against unpleasant surprises with:

Overall Lifetime Limit of up to RM800,000
Overall Annual Limit up to RM200,000, depending on your selected plan. Get greater medical protection and peace of mind with:


Executive Second Opinion service for added assurance
Great MediCare 2 grants you access to Executive Second Opinion services from Medical Specialist in the United States,
if you are diagnosed with any of the 40 major medical conditions (49 major medical conditions for juveniles aged 20 and below).
Our current list of top medical institutions include John Hopkins Hospital and Harvard Medical Center.


Outpatient Cancer and Kidney Dialysis Treatments
Great MediCare 2 looks after you when you most need it.
That includes covering you for Outpatient Cancer Treat ment and Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment.


24-hour assistance and hassle-free hospital admission
Relieve yourself of the burden of administrative processes. With Great MediCare 2,
you can just walk into any of our panel Hospitals and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


Coverage wherever life takes you
Travel the world with complete confidence. Whether you’re on business or on holiday,
Great MediCare 2 gives you emergency medical assistance everywhere in the world.


Protection for your whole family
Be rewarded for protecting your family. When you sign up two or more of your loved ones,
you’ll receive a 5% discount on your premiums.


Medical and tax relief
Enjoy a tax relief of up to RM3,000 per annum
(subject to the Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967 and final decision by the Inland Revenue Board).

There are 4 different types of plans you can choose from, specially designed to suit individual needs.
Comes with a Medical Card
Anyone between 30 days attained age to 60 years next birthday may apply for this plan.
It can be renewed until the life assured reaches age 79 years next birthday,
subject to the Company’s discretion to continue to offer this plan to the public.

Be medically protected today by getting adequate medical coverage for you and your family with Great MediCare 2.


This is an individual non-participating, stand-alone comprehensive medical insurance policy.
Premium may be renewable up to the age of 79 years next birthday, subject to portfolio withdrawal. Annual
premium chargeable in any policy year depends on the attained age next birthday of the life assured at renewal.
Benefits provided are subjected to individual annual and life time limits, as stated in the Schedule of  Benefits.


In the event of medical expenses incurred on the life assured due to accident or illness (subject to
exclusions) or any other covered eventuality, the policy will reimburse such expenses based on the relevant
co-insurance percentages and minimum co-insurance amounts, up to the limits and sub-limits according to
the plan purchased as stated in the Schedule of Benefits.
Whilst, in the event of expenses incurred on the insured where the expenses is claimed from other medical
plans from other companies or within Great Eastern (“the Company”), the co-insurance and/or deductible of
other medical plans from other companies or within the Company which to be imposed on the Life Assured
can be claimed from this plan, up to the limits and sub-limits according to the plan purchased as stated in
the Schedule of Benefits. The reimbursement of the co-insurance and/or deductible of other medical plans
from other Companies or within the Company is subject to Great MediCare 2 co-insurance.
Compensation may be claimed from the start of a course of the covered treatment until the time it is
confirmed by the medical opinion acceptable to the Company that such treatment is no longer necessary.
Medical reimbursements provided under the policy shall commence for:

1. Illness occurring after 30 days from the effective date of the policy; or
2. Accidental injury occurring on or after the effective date of the policy.

Four types of plans available:

1. GMC2-150 for Room & Board RM150
2. GMC2-200 for Room & Board RM200
3. GMC2-300 for Room & Board RM300
4. GMC2-400 for Room & Board RM400

Schedule of Benefit

Annual Premium Rates


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